Fabric & Tech

Our products start with innovative fabrics. Each is unique for a reason and contains a story that goes beyond the machines.


Our signature shorts are made from a textile blend of dense microfibre. They are designed to give you maximum comfort. In addition, an inner mesh makes you more secure.

Our shorts have a coated finish to protect your skin from sunburn. Furthermore, the material dries 3x faster than your regular board shorts!

Soltèro FLEX

We have the ultimate board shorts in with our Soltèro Flex shorts. The fabrics are made from a micro-polyester blend, which has been seamlessly integrated with a 4-way stretch, which let you to be flexible. Thus, you can do anything, whether yoga or cartwheels.


Soltero AIR

We have a trademark T-shirt. It is made from perfect Soltero Air fabric. It has a smooth feel on your skin, and the highly absorbent Bamboo viscose leaves you dry all day.

Moreover, the T-shirt also has antibacterial properties to deal with any bad odor. The Soltero Comfort is 100% biodegradable because it is made from bamboo fibers.