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World Famous Beaches

junio 04, 2020 3 min read

World Famous Beaches

There’s nothing like a good sandy beach to go to, to relax and have all your worries and stress melt away as you watch the waves go by laying on the sand. In essence, the views of a good beach can actually be a source of therapy as you look at the beautiful scenery which combines the seawater with its counterpart of a soft sandy seashore. With thousands of beaches all over the world, it becomes quite tough to pick one to visit and we’ve shortlisted it to the top 5 destination beaches that are popular among beach-goers due to their specific characteristics that we’ve taken the time out to detail for you.


Nungwi Beach, Africa

First up is Nungwi Beach, which is the pride of Africa’s city Zanzibar. Among a variety of beach lands, the Nungwi Beach is at the northernmost tip of the archipelago as well as regarded as the best one among them as it is home to sand that is coral white which glows even at night and remains untroubled by the severe dangers of high and low tides, making it perfect for all the different activities that it hosts any time of the day or night. Those activities include walking tours, diving excursions, scuba diving, sunset cruises and even parasailing.

Las Islas Cies, Spain

Spain’s Las Islas Cies is second to no other beach in the country. It’s located at a serene and remote location by the Spanish Atlantic, completely reserved from the outside world as to get to it you’ll need to take a boat trip of forty minutes from the nearest town. It also hosts the national park ‘Parque Nacional de las Islas Atlánticas de Galicia’, which makes the beach even more exciting to visit.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

There is possibly no list of world’s top ranked beaches which doesn’t contain this gem from Australia. The sand of this beach has actually been used in the making of the famous Hubble telescope by NASA which proves how fine it is. In fact, the rate of pure silica it contains has been measured to be 98%. The white sand is also complemented by a vibrant blue sea that is just amazing to look at.

Sandwood Bay, Scotland

If we’re to include a European beach, Sandwood Bay of Scotland is our top pick. The beauty of this beach is a sight for sore eyes and you can get lost in the intricacies of the sand dunes and the nature crafted cliffs that it is home to. It also has a beautiful loch, which is Scottish for lake. Moreover, the route to access the beach is a four mile path which adds to the magical vibe that the Sandwood Bay offers.

Palawan, Philippines

Philippines is the country of islands as well as a huge number of beaches. The appeal of the Palawan lies in its secluded nature which offers a chance of exploration and diving and snorkeling for the tourists that like a flair of adventure.


Final Considerations

Whether you’d like to have a dive in the water or go surfing, lay on the sand to sunbathe and look on at the beautiful views ahead of you or cruise the seawater, a visit to one of these beaches is a must and definitely warrants a vacation for those who live in another country.