Swimwear For Men

junio 04, 2020 2 min read

Swimwear For Men

When it comes to selecting men’s swimwear you might be thinking that there’s not much variety involved so you give up on the idea even before pursuing it. But that is where you would be wrong as with the advancement of times also came a progression in men’s trendy clothing including their beach and swimwear. The truth is that men actually have a ton of choices for selection and can make use of different specifications of the swimsuit article according to their particular requirements and body types.

Whether you’re a man who’s looking for the perfect swimming companion or a woman searching for a sexy piece of swimwear for her man, you’ll hopefully find your answer in the following guide of all the different styles available in the category to help bring you closer to your choice for men’s swimwear.


  • Trunks


This is the swimwear that is the most common among men which can be an advantage as well as disadvantage depending on how you see it. In appearance, trunks are quite similar to normal shorts but the material that they are made from is what differs them. The fabric used to make them is typically polyster and nylon that makes them light and quick to dry. Hence, a comfortable and favorable option for the beach.


  • Wetsuits/Drysuits


Wetsuits and drysuits feature opposite qualities in their names but their function is the same. They are for those men who have a flair for exploring the sea with snorkeling or scuba diving or the ones who like to engage in board sports. The design features insulation for the whole body and body hugging material in order to protect the wearer from chafing which can happen as a result of spending longer hours in the water.


  • Square-Cut Shorts


If you want something that gives you the body hugging design but a slightly more conservative look, the square-cut shorts might be for you. It isn’t uncommon for some guys to feel uncomfortable in tiny tight swimsuits, making this is a good option for such men as they’re designed to brace the body from the wasit till the upper thigh and give a quirky boxy look.


  • Swim Briefs


More commonly known as speedos, these V-shaped swim briefs are tiny in size and loved by recreational beach goers due to the comfort and ease in maneuvering they provide. They come with the feature of interior lining and tight fitting fabric.


  • Racing Suits

As indicated by the name, racing suits are worn by participants of competitive swimming. They are made to be light but tightly on the body, so much so that they are referred to as body skins as they appear to practically be part of the body.


Further Considerations

Apart from lower-body covering swimsuits, there is also a choice of purchasing swim-shirts for upper-body coverage for those men who might get sunburned easily. Keep in mind that there’s something for everyone and variety is available in the form of plenty of patterns, colors as well as swimsuit lengths. Shopping for men’s swimwear can be done considering both decorative and practical factors just like women’s.