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junio 04, 2020 3 min read



Summer has arrived which means that it is a chance to put on a bathing suit and head to the seashore. Days at the seaside are loaded with sun, fun and obviously taking a lot of photos. With Instagram being overwhelmed with bathing suit pictures the entire summer, how are you going to make yours stick out? It is completely normal to feel insecure about your summer swimsuit pictures unless you are a model. But there are a lot of poses and tips which anyone can try at beach or poolside to get some good pictures in their swimsuits. We have collected a few of such tips below for you to upload perfect photos in swimsuit on Instagram.

  1. Smile At The Sun:

If you want to have a perfect swimsuit photo for your Instagram handle, all you need is the sun! Just bend your body a little to the one side and gaze toward the sky. This posture is loose, simple, and it helps you to get the light.

  1. Be Confident:

You need to feel good about yourself in your swimsuit. Being confident is a great way make you feel good. Selecting the right type of swimsuit is very important in this process because you know your body better and you would know when you feel confident the most. So, select the swimsuit in which you feel confident the most and flaunt it on your Instagram.

  1. Put One Leg In Front Of The Other:

Even when dressed completely, this posture is always a good idea. It makes your legs feel longer and compliments your hips as well.

  1. Pose On Your Tiptoes:

Another way to elongate your legs is to stand on the tip of your toes. Your legs will look thinner and body longer when you stand on your tiptoes. You can also make your bums prominent by pushing your hips. It will help you to create a good body shape and a perfect picture for your Instagram.

  1. Select A Perfect Background:

A good background is very necessary for a perfect picture. Wherever you are, you should look for the background which has a light contrast. It will help you in elongating the shape of your body and making you look more tanned. In addition, you should also consider the type of atmosphere you want in your picture. Atmosphere will differ in the different types of pictures you want.

  1. Try To Find Good Light:

Do not always go for the sun as it can be a bit too harsh at times. Try looking for some shades where you can experiment different poses and the sun. As a general tip, sunlight during early afternoon is less harsh therefore you can always pose in this time.

  1. Pose On A Lounge Chair:

While sitting on a lounge chair, ask someone to take your picture from above. It is a very good angle for you to capture your swimsuit in full.

  1. Side Pose In The Water:

This pose can turn out to be very seductive if done right. It won’t expose much but is just the right pose to get a lot of likes on Instagram!

By following these tips, you can get a perfect picture for your Instagram with a lot of likes. This would help you in boosting your confidence as well!