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junio 04, 2020 2 min read



For Years, we’ve pondered what the most searched questions on the internet are. Google is the mainstream platform and the default search engine for billions of queries every month. Accessible from almost every device, Google search engine is used for getting many answers. So what are the most searched questions on the popular search engine? Well, you don’t have to think about it anymore. We’ve prepared a list of the most asked Google questions in the world. Let’s dive right into it:

List of Most Asked Questions:

  1. What’s My IP?

This may come off as a shock to many people but this is indeed the most searched question on Google. Many computers and mobile phones use Internet protocols, commonly known as IP, that are changing every now and then. Even though, some of us may have never searched this, there are many individuals that use Google to find out their current public IP address within seconds. As a result this is the most asked question with over three million searches every month.

  1. What Time Is It?

It is another surprise question on the list considering the fact that we’re surrounded by clocks and watches. Almost every device we use has a built in clock that automatically adjusts to our time zone. Even then there are many people who use Google’s service of using our location to provide accurate time due to which this question has around 1.8 million monthly searches.

  1. How To Register To Vote?

It’s encouraging to see that many people are asking this to learn but also a little sad to see that many haven’t even been aware all this time. Anyways this takes the third spot on our list of most asked questions with around 1.2 million searches a month.

  1. How To Tie A Tie?

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives when we didn’t know how to tie a tie. Some are still wondering while six hundred and seventy thousand searches a month on Google are providing the answer to many people.

  1. Can You Run It?

This question may not be referring to physical running but like running computer programs, specifically games. A huge concern about millions of gamers around the world is whether a specific game would run smoothly on their computer or not and who better to answer their curiosity than a quick Google search. This has helped the people behind 550,000 searches per month see the green light to purchase or download games and programs and makes it among the top five most asked questions on Google.

The list of most asked questions on Google would go on and on for thousands of search results as millions of people find answers to their curiosity or a solution to their problems. Some of those questions can be surprising while some can be seen as expected. Google, having access to a huge amount of data, analyzes the questions and finds all the relevant information to satisfy us.