Swimsuits Brands Worthy of an Instagram Flex

June 04, 2020 2 min read

Swimsuits Brands Worthy of an Instagram Flex

Swimsuits are slowly and gradually becoming a branding flex. From designers especially including swimsuits into their collection to models flexing their swimsuits on Instagram, it is an interesting time to live in. Instagram is a social media platform which is best used for people flexing on what they have and showing it to an audience that wishes they had them. In this article you will learn of some swimsuit brands that are worthy of an Instagram flex.

How Do Instagram and Swimsuits Coincide?

To simply put it, Instagram is a social media platform that is best used for advertisements of different products. With the majority of the young population on is Instagram, it is a great target audience to sell swimsuits to. A lot of young girls tend to get influences by celebrities and models showing of their perfect swimsuit which then leads to the young girls going out and buying it.

 Below are just some examples of branded swimsuits that are worthy of an Instagram flex.

1.  Louisa Ballou

This swimsuit brand became the talk of the town because of Bella Hadid. The famous Victoria Secret model wore this and caused a panic. This one-piece swimsuit with a touch of the 80s is the perfect swimsuit to have.

2.  Cult Gaia

This 2012 brand is a big fashion brand for all women, clothes, swimsuits and bags. You can get anything here with a promise of it being chic and modern. Mostly selling to piece swimsuits, it is the talk of the town.

3.  Inamorata Women

A brand run by the supermodel Emily Ratajkowski; it has created a big competition for other swimwear brands. With stylish cuts to the most comfortable wearing, this brand is worthy of an Instagram flex. It looks sexy and comfortable at the same time.

4.  Lisa Marie Fernandez

With the top crème of celebrities wanting to wear her swimsuits, this brand is, without a question, the most flex worthy swimsuit. From Rihanna to Selena Gomez, this brand has a number of high-profile customers that just boost its authenticity and creativity. They are retro and have modern cuts that just look great on everybody.

5.  Akoia Swim

Now, this is a unique brand that you won’t find in a lot of places. This brand focuses on providing their customers with crochet swim suit. Now, this is a brave decision on the part of the Akoia brand because most crochet swimsuits tend to be ill-flattering and bad to look at. This brand has managed to make it look sultry and sexy at the same time. If you want a crochet swimsuit, then this is the brand to get it from. Wear it and flaunt it on Instagram.

6.  Mikoh

From the streets of Hawaii, this brand best understands the requirements of a swimsuit. Made by two sisters who are from Hawaii, this brand will keep you comfortable and help you look sexy at the same time. If that is not the best deal then what is! 

These are just a few of the many swimsuits that you can ear and flex on Instagram with a surety that it will attract followers. Wear and be proud of it!