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Celebrity Approved Swimsuits

June 04, 2020 2 min read

Celebrity Approved Swimsuits

Ever wonder about the classic swimsuit styles that your favorite celebrities wear? Instead of going out on a limb for a tiring search for that perfect swimsuit, you can shop the looks approved by t fashionistas like Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Dua Lipa, Kim Kardashian and other celebrities depending on whose style you know you can depend on. If there’s one thing that can be said about the swimming as well as other clothing articles worn by these industry idols is that their fashion choices will always be on trend. For your ease of selection we’ve prepared a guide detailing the swimwear brands that are celebrity favorites and also what makes them so easy to love.


  • Hunza G


If Dua Lipa is your top pop idol, make sure to check out the Hunza G brand. She’s been spotted wearing their strapless polka-dotted swimsuit which looks nothing short of heavenly. And if Dua isn’t enough to sway you, we’ll have you know that the great Kim K of the Kardashian family as well as Emily Ratajkowski have made their swimsuit selections from this brand. This London based brand sells itself with their scrunchy style strapless bikini tops that even celebs can’t resist.


  • Sommer Swim


The Sommer Swim brand is an extremely popular one having been the swimsuit choice for so many celebrities. If Kourtney is your favorite Kardashian, you can see the lime green bikini of the brand that she sports that is to die for. Even Kendall Jenner shops from them as well as Kaia Gerber, Jasmine Tookes, Sofie Richie, Irina Shayk and Oilivia Culpo. Their classic solid pieces and printed ones alike are the reason for their popularity among all these celebs.


  • Basic Swim


Kendall may have been an unpopular Kardashian at the start but she proved her worth and climbed the ranks with her talent. The icon’s fashion taste is also a factor in her fame and the timeless swimsuit pieces she shops from Basic Swim are a testament to that fact. Even Bella Hadid, Bruna Lirio and Kaia Gerber are shoppers of Basic Swim.


  • Solid & Striped


The name of this brand speaks for itself, it doles out beautiful patterns of stripes apart from genuine solids that caught the attention of Paloma Elsesser, Alessandra Garcia Lorido and Elsa Hosk. As proof of this statement, Paloma posted the cutest picture in a yellow bikini with a signature beautiful pattern of the Solid & Striped brand for all of us to devour. 


  • Fella Swim


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Elsa Hosk, Emily Ratajkowski and Devon Windsor advocate the exquisite lingerie style swimwear range Fella Swim is known for.


  • Bamba Swim


The Bamba Swim brand plays with colors and animal prints that celebs like Sami Miro, Maya Stepper and Cheyenne Maya Carty have chosen as their top picks for their swimwear and look divine while they do.


Parting Words

All of these brands have one thing in common and that is their classic nature that give you the opportunity to wear them summer after summer and that’s the reason that they are so popular with the general population and famous celebrities alike.