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Beachy Christmas Gifts

June 04, 2020 3 min read

Beachy Christmas Gifts

It’s a few months till Christmas but is it ever too early to purchase Christmas gifts for your loved ones? We believe in the philosophy: ‘The earlier the better’. For one, there’s a higher range of products available and you can peruse at leisure to select a gift according to your specific needs and a second really important factor is that the prices are less inflated than they become for Christmas shopping right before the holiday. And let’s face it, the feeling of being prepared before time definitely beats last minute anxious shopping. Naturally, the next question begs what exactly you can select for your holiday gifts and we’ve got you covered on that front.

  • Swimsuits


To start off, nobody can deny the attraction of the timeless gift of swimsuits. The best part about it is that everyone goes to the beach which makes for a rather good selection as a swimwear gift will not just come in use to whomever is the recipient but they’d most likely be delighted upon receiving it. To get down to specifications, we’ve also made a list from which you can choose some beautiful swimwear pieces.


  • Safari Spot Twist Bikini

This bikini can make the wearer actually want to go to the beach to show it off as it is designed to perfectly shape the body with soft padded cups and a tie detail in the front.


  • Bel Air Underwire Bikini

Another great bikini gift for your girlfriend can be the Melissa Odabash’s ‘Bel Air Underwire Bikini’. True to its name, the swimsuit feels light on the skin and boasts an eye-catching metal piece in the middle that it doesn’t need anything else to speak for the luxury of this piece.


  • Sofia Halter Swimsuit

Who doesn’t love halter swimsuits? The answer could quite possibly be nobody. Halter swimsuit is a favorite among swimwear styles for women everywhere and Jo Severin does an incredible job with the ‘Sofia Halter Swimsuit’. It has gold sliders and the most fashionable drape alongside them and to top it off, an animal print on that halter bikini just screams luxury.


  • Rock Solid Wrapsody Swimsuit

If you’re a woman on the lookout for a gift for their fellow girlfriend, chances are you’ll end up wanting to buy the ‘Rock Solid Wrapsody Swimsuit’ for yourself as this bikini is simply gorgeous due to the deep crimson color it wears and the soft miratex fabric it’s created from.


  • Dresses


After bikinis, our next gift suggestion has to be dresses. A dress is another article of clothing which makes for a classic Christmas gift that no one can refuse to love.

If the gift recipient you have in mind is one of a sunny personality, they’ll love the ‘Desert Bloom Maxi Dress’. The floral print plus gathered skirt combines into the perfect maxi dress.

For a girl with a sexier taste, the ‘Honour Denim Shirt Playsuit’ makes for a great gift. It’s not just sexy, but also classy, a denim shirt that extends all the way to knees which can be worn around the city or to the beach.

Lastly, the kaftan style ‘Offwhite Kaftan’ can give a girl a trendy look that’s different from the norm. Topped with a tassel in the front, this dress will adorn the wearer in elegance.


  • The Afterthought - Accessories


Furthermore, if you’re looking for add on gifts for the dress and bikini, we can recommend the Watercult Beach Hat and the Teiya Sandals as excellent gifts to accessorize either of the two stylishly. Not to mention, accessories also work great as standalone gifts.